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How To Easily Care For Wool Rugs

Floral%20Green%20Wool%20Rug%20front How To Easily Care For Wool Rugs

Stylish green wool floor rug

Ok, so you went out and purchased one of our top quality wool rugs (I hope it was from us). Good for you! Purchasing a rug crafted out of high quality wool is a great investment, because these rugs last for years on end, and will never go out of style. Because of these factors, you’ll naturally want to keep your rug looking great for many years and in times like these it’s wise to take simple steps that make your investments last as long as possible. Unlike some other rug types, rugs made from wool do require just a little more maintenance to keep them as nice as possible. The good news is it’s not all that hard to care for and maintain your new rug. Read on to discover some easy tips that will help you keep your rug looking good as new.

4 Simple steps to help you increase the longevity of your wool rug

  1. It is necessary to rotate your rug on a somewhat regular basis. If your rug receives a lot of traffic, than it would be wise to rotate it once every  6 months. If your rug is seldom walked on, than you only have to rotate it every 1-2 years. By rotating your rug on a regular basis, you ensure that the entire area of the rug receives an even amount of wear – this makes it harder to see visible signs of wear in one area, it also helps keep the rug in shape.


  1. You’ll need to vacuum your rug a few times a week to help prevent dirt from building up in the fibers of the wool. In addition to this, it’s a wise idea to sweep the rug with a wide bristled broom once a week to help get additional dirt and fuzz out of the rug (of course this is dependent on the type of wool rug you are maintaining – for further help see our rug maintenance section).


  1. Once every 3 months or so, if at all  possible hang your wool made rug somewhere like a clothesline, and gently beat it with a broom or smooth stick. The aim of this is to ensure that any dirt or grime that has become embedded deep inside the rug will be dislodged, and your rug will be kept thoroughly clean. Airing will also freshen and help dilute odors that may have become noticeable.


  1. If a liquid is spilt onto your rug, than it is vital that you clean it up immediately after it happens with a paper towel or other soft rag. Do not scrub to get the liquid out of the rug, instead dab or blot at the spill to absorb the liquid. It’s important to remove as much fluid as possible at this point, before it has a chance to damage the wool.

    Murano%20Rust%20cm%20500 How To Easily Care For Wool Rugs

    Striped wool rug Murano

Rugs made out of wool do require a little more maintenance than most but I think it’s worth the effort, after all these are a wise investment. You may think well, I can save on the effort and just opt for a synthetic – which in my opinion isn’t a bad thing but in reality the maintenance isn’t such a big deal. Follow the simple tips above, and your rug will stay clean and in good shape for decades.

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