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How to Keep White Shaggy Rugs Clean

Shaggy Rug Glamour Graphite 300 How to Keep White Shaggy Rugs CleanIf you have white shaggy rugs at home or you are thinking of buying them, it’s important to keep them clean most of the time, considering they are white in color. Here are some tips on how to keep your fluffy rugs clean.

Take your white fluffy rugs outside and shake the dirt off.

Shaking your rugs may lift out any woolen fibers that have already flattened when furniture pieces are placed on them or if they are exposed to heavy foot traffic. When you shake your rug, you are also removing dust and dirt which has gotten caught in the fibers. If you have someone to help with the shaking, it’s much better. One individual holds one side and the other on another side and then shakes the rug vigorously. You will really notice that the dirt and dust will come out flying off the rug. Do this process at least once a month.

Leave the rugs outside, but not for too long and not under the sun.

Once you are done shaking your rug, take it outside to be exposed on air. Do this for about a few hours. This process will eliminate any odors which may have developed. Do not dry white fluffy rugs under the sun since it can cause the rug to discolor. Your pristine white rugs may look yellow if you do it.

Brush your rugs once in a while.

Using a brush with soft bristles, brush your rug. Doing this could untangle the wool fibers. Start brushing from the center of the rug and moving on outside. Brush gently; it’s just normal if the fibers will be caught in the bristles. As much as possible, avoid vacuuming fluffy rugs especially if your vacuum cleaner has a rotary brush attachment. The fibers may get stuck in the attachment and this could lead to damage of the rug.

Wash your fluffy rugs.

White-colored fluffy rugs should be washed at least once every year but it depends on how dirty the rugs can get. If you have a small rug, you can simply have it washed in a washing machine and maintain a gentle cycle. When washing rugs, mild detergent must be used. Allow to dry but out on a shaded area. Once the rug has dried, brush it. If you have a large rug, you may hang the rug on a clothesline and spray the rug with water. Get a brush and dip it in a solution of mild detergent and cold water. Brush your rug thoroughly but gently. Dry your rug outside in the shade. Remember not to expose your rug under the harsh heat of the sun when drying. When the rug is dry, brush it gently to smoothen out any tangled fibers.

Shaggy Rug Glamour Wheat 300 How to Keep White Shaggy Rugs CleanIt is important to always keep your white fluffy rugs clean. They can serve you well enough since it can provide you warmth and makes the room feel comfortable. Make your rugs last longer by taking care of them the right way.


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