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Rugs – Why We Love The Shaggies

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Ultra%20Thick%20Plush%20Shaggy%20Sand01 Rugs   Why We Love The ShaggiesHeard the latest news on rugs? Shaggy rugs are trending now so forget other styles, they’re toast. Why are shaggy rugs the hottest gossip on everybody’s lips, you ask. Well, your smart friends could tell you because nobody’s pulled the rug from under them, they’ve all got shaggies! But if you haven’t asked your friends why, it’s no secret so here are the reasons. They love luxury and shaggies are so tactile your friends are quietly revelling in the sumptuously soft, warm and silky textures found in materials such as: (more…)

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Designer Rugs – What Makes Them Special?

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

On your quest for the perfect rug, you’ll come across many choices. Some may spark your interest, while others may leave you running for the hills. Either way, it’s quite obvious that there is a large variety to choose from, and while some are for you, equally some just aren’t. One type of rug that may catch your eye time and time again is a designer style rug. These rugs are claimed to be brilliant – everyone is supposed to like them. When you see a collection of designer rugs, you’ll know. They’re stunning, and no other rug type is as unique as a designer made rug.

So, what makes these rugs so special? After all, they aren’t made out of some magnificent fabric that has numerous benefits and no cons, are they? No. These designer style rugs are made out of an assortment of different materials, ranging from velvet and silk, to the highly sought after wool. A lot of work has gone into these and while they might be an acquired taste, you can’t argue at the wow factor of perhaps our Rose Bloom or Elise collections. No matter what they are made of though, you can rest assured that it’s of the highest quality, whether it be high quality spun silk, or top notch warm and fuzzy wool. This is the first thing that makes these rugs special – they don’t skimp on quality. The makers of these rugs strive to make them unique and different, along with of the highest quality.Elise rose designer rug 150x150 Designer Rugs   What Makes Them Special?

Another thing that sets these rugs apart from the competition is their unique designs. The colours and patterns used in these rugs are truly eye popping, and will leave those who see them dazed by their beauty. Nowhere else can you find designs like those of a designer made rug.

Lastly, these rugs are made to last for years and years. Each and every one is crafted with care and precision in order to create the best product possible. Made with the highest quality materials and best manufacturing methods, these rugs can last for decades, and have the potential to be passed down throughout the family.

Jeff Banks Designer rug on laminate floor 150x150 Designer Rugs   What Makes Them Special?

PC90 rug

At first glance special designer rugs like Icons or our Jeff Banks rugs may just look like pretty things that won’t last for long, but that’s not the case at all. Designer styled rugs are so much more than unique and beautiful. They are fine and luxurious, as well as being long lasting and durable. They offer the best of the best, and you can find them for good prices if you search at Land of Rugs online. Call us on 01332 294787 if you need our help. When you identify a rug you love, remember, they’re not just a pretty design.

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Traditional Rugs – Why They Look Good In Any Home

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Persian Arbil 12860 black 150x150 Traditional Rugs   Why They Look Good In Any HomeIf you want a quality, versatile rug that will make your home shine, than choose a traditional rug. Traditional style rugs are created with classic designs, such as those from Egyptian styles. Over the years these rugs have remained quite popular, and have evolved into a timeless classic. When you purchase a floor rug  with a traditional design like our Arbil you can relax and know it will look great. There are a number of reasons that these beauties have, and will continue to, remain a favorite. (more…)

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Green and Blue Rugs Perfect Functional Fixtures for your Bathrooms

Friday, October 7th, 2011

CEL%20Beige%20Rugs%20300 Green and Blue Rugs Perfect Functional Fixtures for your BathroomsGreen and blue rugs are often seen in bathrooms probably because they enhance they comfy ambiance of the place or because they can easily become a foil for subdued tile and flooring colors. Aside from having a symbolic attachment to water – which by the way is the highlight of showers, rugs that are of the said shades are soothing to the eyes. This type of versatile hues should be the ones used in nooks meant for relaxing and unwinding and so explains their frequent appearance in many bathrooms.

Treating lavatories as underrated nooks is too much of an understatement. Given that it is in these places where we spend the first minutes of the day, there is a need to at least impose a milieu that could liven up ones mood. It is for this reason that homeowners should afford sufficient attention to how bathrooms are to be arranged, for even though they are meant to be concealed they still deserve a flair of restrained but cozy fashion.

Green and blue rugs are indeed worthy adornments for bathrooms for they do not only exude an appeal inviting to the eye as they also serve a noteworthy purpose. We know very well how bathrooms can go too unsafe in the presence of damped flooring so might as well secure a base that everyone can tread on easily without worries of having to slip.

Perhaps the major aim of laying down a mat or two in the corners of the bathroom is to minimize if not totally ward off the occurrence of mishaps and accidents. This explains why most of the shags in the showers have rubber backings that give it a steady floor grip. Bathroom matting are mostly made of raw materials that are waterproof. In cases where cotton varieties are to be used, they are positioned away from the showers for having them soaked in moisture is the least that meticulous homeowners would desire.

There are also traditional bathrooms that still make use of wooden decks instead of tiled flooring and this is where green shags and blue mats belong best. The mere use of natural wood itself is an expression of homey and country, thus best complemented with earth tones of green and blue.

Disney%20Childrens%20Rug%20Baby%20Pooh%20300 Green and Blue Rugs Perfect Functional Fixtures for your BathroomsGreen and blue rugs perfectly fit mannish bathrooms where too loud colors and overpoweringly girlish shades are kept out of sight. Green and blue, being the two most prominent colors that represent masculinity, are usually the color motifs used in bachelor pads and this is where most of their room themes including that in the bathrooms are derived from.

The use of cheap rugs in bathrooms is just one of the many themes that you can derive inspiration from. You can also make use of other themes depending on the look that you want to project. What matters is that you get hold of fixtures whose make up and exterior manifestations do not compromise function. After all futile frills do not deserve a place in limited expanses like that of your bathrooms’.

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Dark Green Rugs in Room Decorating

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Hall Runner Ultra 5924 Green 300 Dark Green Rugs in Room DecoratingRoom decorating is a job that may sound simple, but when you start doing the groundwork, you encounter some dilemmas that you’re not sure on how to resolve. What makes it quite difficult is the task of combining things of different colors into one room, with everything pooled into a cohesive theme. You want your room to have some shades of dark green, which is your favorite color, but you’re not sure on how to turn that into something that could work. Well, one needs not to fret, because there are dark green rugs available, and these are accessories that could help you in your room design.

The dark green color is so rich, but it would also be awkward on making all components of the room this shade. There needs to be variation present, but at the same time, there must also be a theme in the room that puts everything in a proper perspective. Dark green rugs are perfect for the floor, especially if you don’t want dirt to be easily noticeable.

Meanwhile, to create a slight contrast with the dark green shade from the floor to the walls, the latter could be painted three or four hues lighter than the rug. This is essential because you don’t want to overpower the room with just one color. This would be too boring as well. Learn to play with colors that you think look great together.

When it comes to accessories, you can bring plants inside your room. Because dark green rugs have a natural vibe, then you might as well bring little shrubs or bonsais to go along with the theme. You can also bring in flowers in vases to add to the earthy feel. A couch with some green on it would also blend together in the room. If your couch is some other color, then it’s not a problem at all. You can simply add green throw pillows and voila, it matches with everything else.

For windows, you can use light draperies or treatments. If you’re not really sure what other colors might not clash with green, you can use white curtains. This allows a lot of sunshine to penetrate in the room, and enhances the whole room’s appearance, regardless of the dark shade of your rug. Make sure you have a lamp to lighten up the room during evenings as well.

Designer Rugs Connexion Circle COC02 300 Dark Green Rugs in Room DecoratingThe presence of rugs in the room is so important, because it could be used for a variety of reasons. Some use it as a theme, while others rely on its purpose. However, the common ground is that it should fit perfectly inside the room. If a room has too much color and you need something that ties them together, choose a dominating color and use that as a basis to determine the color of what rug to purchase.

Numerous rug stores could be found in malls as well as online, and this makes it easy for you to choose a rug that fits the modern, Victorian or Old English theme of your room. Whatever it may be, rugs are always useful accessories, and though it might not cover the whole floor in the room, the green rugs that you have placed wouldn’t go unnoticed.

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New Zealand as a Source of Quality Wool Rugs

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Elite%20Oceanic%20chocolate%20blue%20300 New Zealand as a Source of Quality Wool RugsWhen it comes to rugs, an important perspective that buyers assess is its quality and durability. Wool rugs are extremely popular when it comes to this, and weavers have been utilizing this material for centuries because of this feature. When it comes to wool production, New Zealand is the leading country, followed by Australia. It is no longer a surprise to know that a lot of wool rugs originate from New Zealand, even for manufacturers of Persian and Chinese rugs. Many countries also prefer to order from this country, because they are renowned for their creation of quality wool rugs.

This fact is being promoted by rug dealers because they are conscious about the strict regulations of New Zealand on the care of sheep, its weather, the length of the sheep’s wool, and the sheering process. However, because New Zealand produces quality wool rugs, this is also the reason the market price is more expensive when compared to other materials.

For this reason, there are some companies that produce wool rugs which incorporate a mixture of their own wool produced as well as wool from New Zealand to add softness and sturdiness to the rugs they manufacture. Rug patrons should be aware that numerous rugs are still labeled to have 100% wool, even if the wool utilized doesn’t come from New Zealand.

Another aspect to be knowledgeable about is that though the rug may be labeled as made from wool, in some occasions, it doesn’t come from sheep. Wool could also come from goats like Mohair from an Angora goat or camels. However, in New Zealand, wool should only come from sheep, and if sheep are not its source, then it shall be labeled accordingly. This is the reason why New Zealand is a trusted source of quality wool rugs.

If you are currently scouting for wool rugs in sources that you are familiar with, you can ask first about what type of wool was used and where it originated. However, for wool rugs from unknown sources such as an importer or a trader, you might as well perform some simple tests to determine the rug quality before shelling out cash.

Wool may be natural or synthetic and to ensure its authenticity, you may try burning a little piece and if the smell is reminiscent of burnt hair, then it’s natural wool. However, if the smell is reminiscent of acrid chemical, then it’s artificial. Furthermore, not all wool used is good wool. For example, some manufacturers employ wool from leftover hair, after the long hair which was stapled has already been utilized.

Modern Wool Rug Textures Duet Beige 300 New Zealand as a Source of Quality Wool RugsSo if you are specific about purchasing wool rugs, you may need to do some investigations first, especially when you’re purchasing it online. Always take time to scan through the description of the rug, to give you an idea on what the quality is. Because wool rugs are quite pricey, then it is only right that you do an extensive background check on the online reseller, as well as their terms of returnability. Though it might require a little more of your time, remember that a good deal is rewarded to those who do their research.

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Different Designs For Children’s Large Rugs

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

 Different Designs For Children’s Large RugsWhen designing the living space of a child, don’t ever forget that a rug can add personality to the space.  Of course, the space needs to be designed around the child’s personality.  And this can be made easy.  In fact, in some cases all one really needs is to invest in children’s large rugs to make the space their very own.

Rugs can be used in a variety of ways.  They are there to brighten up spaces or just as something to make a room look better than it actually is.  Decorating it around a child’s personality is really something special, though, and some of the following designs might just encourage great ideas.

  • Flowers are for girls, cars are for boys.  Yes, there will always be that distinction when it comes to dressing up the personal style of a child’s bedroom.  Flowers are indicative of a person’s feminine personality and with girls, the obvious design for their rooms.  Boys, on the other hand will always love their toys.  Try to bring a boy through a store that sells children’s large rugs and the chances are that he will point to the one with the flashy red car.
  • Rockets for the budding astronaut.  It’s amazing how some children out there grow a fascination for space, the planets and stars at a young age.  And sometimes it is just enough that they get a telescope for Christmas that they can set up right by their bedroom window.  But encouraging the activity can be a different matter altogether.  One can heighten a child’s interest in space-related objects and its beyond great to surround him or her with outer space-themed items.  A great space rocket rug would be excellent in a case like this.  And it works most especially if a rug with a large design is placed smack in the center of the bedroom.
  • The bookworm design.  Children don’t always like reading.  School can sometimes be a bit of a chore to them.  But encouraging them silently is the best way to teach them.  The simple choice of children’s large rugs that you can place strategically in their rooms can make all the difference.  Choose colors like different shades of green.  You can also stimulate them with other colors like solid reds.  Anything with designs of nature will also help a child’s interest in books.
  • Gaming carpets.  Ever played monopoly with a rug as the board?  Or maybe snakes and ladders with dice pillows to roll the numbers?  This is a fun way for parents and children to bond and enrich their relationship.  Game rugs are rare and quite difficult to find.  But when found, these are purchases worth investing in.

Kiddy%20Firetruck%20300 Different Designs For Children’s Large RugsA child’s bedroom can help shape his or her personality.  It may sound funny that children’s large rugs can be so influential.  But children react to different colors, objects and themes around them.  One sure way to help them grow up properly is to surround them with the right dose of those items.

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Finding Contemporary Modern Rugs

Friday, September 16th, 2011

These days, people like the whole modern look in their homes. What they don’t realize is that there is one common element that bridges the past and the present. That element comes in the form of contemporary modern rugs. Rugs, whether you like them or not, will always complete a space. It can be a bathroom, a living room, or a kitchen. If there’s no rug, it just feels incomplete.
With all the modern and contemporary style invading the home and even the office space, it can be quite difficult finding that perfect rug for a particular space. But the great thing about decorating a room about rugs is that anybody can become an instant interior designer! After all, it only takes a bit of measurement and a good eye for design. Here are some tips for that perfect rug:
027%20Bl%20Br%20Modern%20Rugs%20300 Finding Contemporary Modern Rugs
• First thing to keep in mind is the space of the room. Is it so big that it needs a carpet of some sort? Or is it so small that it can really just do with a rug for decor? This is one of the basic considerations. A space is more than just a space. If it’s going to be fitted with contemporary modern rugs, it sure has to be prepared for it. For example, if a space needs to look bigger, one can choose a smaller rug. One can also do the opposite and get a big rug to make a space seem smaller than it actually is. This is a design trick that everyone will surely enjoy.

• Consider the shape. The shape of a rug may be something tedious. But it is really important. There are people who know about rectangular rugs. Others only know about round rugs. But there are actually so many other rug designs out there! For modern design, there are triangle rugs, oblong rugs, square rugs; some manufacturers can do some really crazy designs with rugs. This doesn’t mean that a space in the house will look crazy. But the more rugs with different shapes one has in a house will actually make the place even more modern than it is.

• Texture is the next thing to think about. Nothing will spoil a space even more than having contemporary modern rugs that have a texture that clashes with everything else in the room. Imagine a rough looking rug in a room with smooth walls and finishing.

• Color is the king. Designing a place is all about choosing the right colors and this holds true for rugs and carpets as well. Sure, it’s easy to pick out a color and a design. But will that color and design blend well with the other elements in a room? This is something that requires a lot of thought.
Contemporary modern rugs can be both easy to choose and tricky to match with the rest of the surroundings. Think about the house and what it needs in it first before shopping around for the perfect rug.

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Cheap Circle Rugs for Room Decor

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

One of the most difficult decisions to make when it comes to decorating is choosing the right rug for your space. This is a critical aspect that one must consider because the failure to choose the right rug could affect the whole room. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are knowledgeable about design, though some are willing to play with modern rugs. Circle rugs are new advents of modern style, and the good thing is that they could work for any room in the house. What’s even better is a lot of cheap circle rugs are also available not only in physical stores but online as well.

Circle rugs are not difficult to work with, plus just like rugs of other shapes, they are also available in multiple designs, colors and sizes just to suit customers’ needs and preferences. If you are leaning towards accomplishing a traditional look, or a more modern vibe, then it is not impossible to achieve that with the use of circle rugs.
There are also various materials to choose from, either synthetic or natural sources. Nonetheless, in searching for the perfect circle rug, one must always determine the appropriate size. Furniture does not conceal a circle rug, and it must be positioned in a way that the whole rug is visible. In most occasions, it is placed in the middle of the room, where it is the center of attention. Starlet%20Rasberry%20Rugs%20300 Cheap Circle Rugs for Room Decor

It is also essential to know what theme you want to prevail in the room. It would be awkward to see a modern rug in a room where it has an Old English design. Furthermore, the sturdiness of the rug is also another important facet to take note of. You don’t want to buy a rug that wears off or easily tears after a few days. Though some circle rugs may be quite costly, there are cheap circle rugs that could be found, with excellent quality.

Prices may range from $10 to over a thousand dollars. However, it is not always a determinant of its quality. Examine the material that the rug is made of. If you are not able to visit a physical store and you are searching online, make sure to check the type of fabric used.

It is also a must to take care of your rugs, by not putting them in areas which they are most likely to be stepped upon frequently. If you must do this, then attest first that the rug you used is reliable when it comes to its durability. You may also not want to buy rugs that need regular cleaning. In addition, also take time to know first how the rug should be cleaned. If it requires professional steaming, then there might be a need to reconsider, especially when you’re planning to position it in a high-traffic part of the room.

Lastly, another vital aspect is to check if an item can be returned for any viable reason, be it an expensive or a cheap circle rug. In some instances, we end up purchasing the wrong rug, and we might want to trade it for a better one. In this way, we get the value for our money.

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Get Close to Nature With Shaggy Green Rugs

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

A rug is considered as a must have item in every home. It is treated as more than a mere accessory. It is a necessity and there is no surprise why. The advantages and uses of a rug are well known. Rug manufacturers have cashed on this sentiment and are constantly flooding our markets with all kinds of rugs right from black and white modern rugs, modern art rugs, modern textured rugs, children’s bedroom rugs, pink and green rugs to cheap large area rugs and children’s floor rugs. The list is endless. So there is no dearth of options when it comes to variety in the types of rugs available. And access to these rugs too is very easy.

Mink%20Green%20Cheap%20Rugs%20300 Get Close to Nature With Shaggy Green RugsDespite the plethora of variety and options at your disposal, Shaggy rugs are a rage across people and countries in the world. The Green shaggy rug truly stand out from the numerous colours available in the range of shag rugs such as pink, blue, brown, yellow, purple and so on. This is because green is a very pleasant colour that appeals to all. It is a great way to bring in a sense of closeness and oneness to mother earth. It has a distinct charm and is synonymous with nature. The entire room immediately gets a natural, unadulterated and earthy feel.

Place it on your front porch and you will instantly feel that you are walking or lying down on actual grass, only softer and smoother! The best part is that it does not even require all the time and money that goes into maintaining an actual lawn. You can place them indoors in any room especially your living room or the bedroom. Just lay back and let the soft fibers of the green shaggy rug keep not just your feet but your entire body comforted and relaxed. You will be able to enjoy a sensuous and relaxing feeling of the outdoors within the confines of the four walls of your room. Keep in mind that you will not enjoy this feeling with any other rug or with any shaggy rug of a different colour. Only the green shaggy rug will do the trick. Even other rugs, such as cheap shaggy rugs UK, will not give you a similar feeling.

Besides placing these shaggy green rugs on your porch and living room or bedroom, you can even use them in the kitchen, children’s room, hallway as well as the bathroom. As soon as you keep them in the room of your choice, you will sense an immediate lift in your spirit. Your mind and body will be at ease and you will feel an instant connect with nature in its purest form. They are comfort personified.

Even the colour green comes in various shades. So you can choose a dark and rich bottle green shade or a lighter yet unique olive green shade. A lime green shade will brighten up any room and is ideal for the kitchen. One simple rug, yet so many options! Get in touch with your inner naturalist today.

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