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Rugs – Why We Love The Shaggies

Ultra%20Thick%20Plush%20Shaggy%20Sand01 Rugs   Why We Love The ShaggiesHeard the latest news on rugs? Shaggy rugs are trending now so forget other styles, they’re toast. Why are shaggy rugs the hottest gossip on everybody’s lips, you ask. Well, your smart friends could tell you because nobody’s pulled the rug from under them, they’ve all got shaggies! But if you haven’t asked your friends why, it’s no secret so here are the reasons. They love luxury and shaggies are so tactile your friends are quietly revelling in the sumptuously soft, warm and silky textures found in materials such as:

Viscose – a sumptuous substitute for silk with a shimmering shine (try saying that on a Saturday night after a few glasses of Pinot Grigio or Prosecco, none of which makes its way onto fabulous shaggies of course). 

Polypropylene – a soft, durable and easy to clean synthetic fibre that scares the living daylights out of all self-respecting moths. 

Acrylic – a wool-like man-made synthetic fibre with buoyant, shape-retaining properties and a range of brilliant colours that would leave Lady Gaga looking boring. 

Wool – no point in being sheepish about it, wool’s a natural choice for snugness and springy-soft durability, and it’s flame-retardant and environmentally friendly too!  

LOR Shaggies 300x300 Rugs   Why We Love The Shaggies

Who likes them thick?

Your friends love cosy warmth especially in the cold weather, and shaggies are so deep and snugly they can almost bury themselves in them. Why do you think they want to hibernate all winter?

They love colour and they know that shaggy rugs range the spectrum of shades from pale palettes to deep and dark colours as well as combinations. And your friends are so into style. Some of them have got the very latest posh, plain or very plush designs, whilst some have got the newest swanky, swish or stunning styles.

Tongue-tied and over-the-moon with excitement about shaggies now are you?  Well, if you come down to earth, you can follow the example of your smart friends and still enjoy a little bit of heaven under your feet, because that’s what you’ll get when you buy your own fabulous shaggy rug.

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