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Red Rugs, a Blaze of Colour for the Winter Months

bright red shaggy 150x150 Red Rugs, a Blaze of Colour for the Winter MonthsRed rugs are a good idea given the winter months are now upon us. They will bring a blaze of colour into your house which will brighten the greyness of each winter day as it dawns depressingly upon you, and you yearn to keep the warmth of your bedclothes around you for just ten more minutes.  Even if you don’t put one in your bedroom, you can still appreciate a warm red rug on the landing as you go to the bathroom, or in the hallway before you open the kitchen door to put the kettle on, and turn the radio on to hear the news.  Red is such a cheering colour in a modern kitchen and a red flat weave rug (often used for kitchen floors) could literally change the room you cook in to a space where your friends can enjoy chatting with you whilst you stir-fry lunch on the stove, without wishing they were somewhere more hospitable. 

Traditional red wool rug diamond 150x150 Red Rugs, a Blaze of Colour for the Winter MonthsRed striped wool rug Red Rugs, a Blaze of Colour for the Winter MonthsRugs that are red are actually more versatile than you may imagine and can blend in with dark and multi-coloured décor just as much as they can effectively contrast with pale muted shades. Red is beautiful with dark wood furniture as it adds fiery tones to mahoganies, dark oaks and even ebonies; and light wood, such as beech or maple, is lifted and warmed by the extra glow from red on the floor.  Highly polished wooden floors are perfect backgrounds for red wool rugs as both convey class and style – just have a look at the number of stately homes that use the combination – and a red runner in your hallway must be the warmest welcome you could ever extend to a guest. A word to the wise though, use an anti slip pad if you are placing a rug on a polished floor – this will prevent movement and reduce wear.

Black and red rugs, particularly if designed in a floral pattern, are a touch more sophisticated and add a certain festive flair to the cold season.  These would look good alongside your table decorations of holly and ivy with red candles at Christmas dinner. They could also easily occupy the space next to the old fashioned washbasin in a high ceilinged bathroom. Red area rugs, need to be planned for a particular spot in a room, but will look stylish next to a great big fire place and open fire, and add the extra glow to your wine when you are sipping it next to the flames as the nights get colder and longer.  Red rugs will go anywhere in your home and now is the time to take advantage of them.Twilight red Red Rugs, a Blaze of Colour for the Winter Months

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